Conteners Réseau artistique mobile

Résidence de création simultanée / Dunkerque / Paris / Marseille

Conteners est un réseau artistique mobile qui fonctionne sur le mode de saisons de création/diffusion. Sa particularité est d’inviter sur 3 villes/territoires de la planète des artistes à réaliser un travail autour d’un container industriel (sur, dans ou autour) qui existe à l’instant où toutes les pièces du grand légo se trouvent associées.
> 17 septembre 2005 de Jan Stropdas

more pics

I think, I put some more pics on the web :

JPG - 55.4 ko
need sleep
JPG - 42.7 ko
> 17 septembre 2005 de Jan Stropdas

day at the beach

Okidoki, as you maybe noticed, the webcam is on again...still do not know why it was dead.

but,...the chat was ok ? for today I give you some things I did today. I went for the beach, on this very windy day I got an overkill of oxygen near the DK-coast, was wonderfull.

I even had a personal assistent for the camera, Severine thanks for that !

I kind of finished practical work in the container, and the next days I will be working on the next part. computerwork some daylight in my office would be great.

JPG - 88.9 ko
as far as it is
RealAudio - 961.3 ko
> 15 septembre 2005 de Jan Stropdas


as far as it is going now, here is a small impression of my screen in progress. hope to finish practical work tommorrow, so I can work on the next part.

> 14 septembre 2005 de Jan Stropdas

New article

OK, it is day 4 of my stay in Dunkerque, and the question is to explain what my project will be about. This to be more collaberative on the project with Mariusz and Haïm.

I came to France with some ideas, call it a plan to work with, but only since today it is getting more and more into one direction.>>backwards-dreaming. (It actually happened because of the julliëttes, somehow it stayed there.) Like toughts you have, after something happened, but maybe still have to take place in a near future. Maybe it is a contradictory, maybe we go timetraveling So I think this is where the installation will be about.

Probably, as far as it goes now the work will be like a visual compilation with additive sound of a "upcomming-diary.For that, anything can happen till the end of the week. Time is the main consideration...

The set up in which the work will be presented is in a way allready fixed, because of the dimensions of the container as wel of the practical fact that the work should be mobile.

The files I put with this text are not that representative, but first attempts/outlines.

RealAudio - 572.5 ko
RealAudio - 988.5 ko

> 13 septembre 2005 de Jan Stropdas

New article

well we had our first chat-pleasure>> I promised te put some images on the web, tonight I made a small “movie-thing” to get some air...

RealAudio - 1016.9 ko

call it oxygen1.

and on special request ; a real juliëtte

> 11 septembre 2005 de Jan Stropdas


Well, I arrived in Dunkergue, made the equipement running and now pasting the first pic on the web for the upcomming project.

So, during this week we will be updating this page daily and let people enjoy our work-in-progress.