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> 17 septembre 2005 de Antoine Beaufort

NETMEETING DAY 4 (abstract)

17:23:13 [mariusz] Me,I try to transform the contener in a circus.

17:23:45 [mariusz] I’ll try to put inside few circus tricks. It’s only question of a good performance.

17:24:47 [mariusz] I find few very good performers : The solo “demonstrator” (I put the sound on line) and Romeo with the biggest susceptible heart or testicle, in the world.

17:25:54 [stropdas] who is the solo demonstrator ?

17:32:11 [mariusz] A A man who is able to make a big protest demonstration using the only his own voice. But, there will be also few video tricks, radio tricks, dance tricks, freaks and monsters.

17:35:09 [stropdas] Ijust listened to it, sounds good

17:39:24 [mariusz] My question is :how to fill the contener with a simple action without objects.

17:42:57 [haim] by images, maybe, by sounds, by movments of a performer, by lights, by smells...


17:56:59 [mariusz] Absolutely.....authentic, sincere and sensible artiste can lie.

17:58:04 [ricardo] Haim is art true ? or is it only a subjective /sensitive vision and at least not really truth...

17:58:14 [Thomas] nothing is normal with computers :)

17:58:27 [haim] so the definition of the word lie should be discussed

17:59:34 [haim] the word truthe should be discussed as well since truth is a subjectiv/sensitiv illusion

18:01:50 [ricardo] I agree with that Haim, tonight I’ll try to read some books Bye bye

18:02:45 [mariusz] I mean, you can take all attitudes you want, Why not to be charlatan. It can be a position against any ideologies. You take them, you use them and you put them out.

18:07:06 [mariusz] to Haim, It’s not cynic ; it is just sincere answer and reply to the system around.

18:13:36 [mariusz] Contener take a part of a big economical system. It’s not simple to find a place for the art in it.

18:16:08 [mariusz] I think we have to be careful, vigilant with it..

18:18:48 [antoine2] Mariusz when you talk about contener (with a "e" and not a "ai") you mean our project ? I’m sure not but you’re right about the big market of international transportation

18:21:26 [antoine2] container was created in 1968, it became the tool of the globalisation.... heu heum...

18:25:37 [mariusz] I think about contenaire, generally but also about our work in the contenair in the project.

18:31:35 [mariusz] I wanted to say, that all our work (internet and container) is hover (turn) around the communication systems. What about the art and the communication ?

18:36:50 [antoine2] yes, and how can the artists take advantage of this global communication system ??


17:25:46 [haim] sory for cuting the conversetion yesterday we should exchange if you which on this consept of charlatanism...

17:27:26 [antoine] all artists are charlatans, no ?

17:32:40 [haim] charletan is diferent then afabulation diferent then simulation diferent then the carpet bed qualitiy sellair any way i do not lie i may be chiting my self but not indifferently the athers

17:33:42 [mariusz] The contemporary artist who has never felt like a charlatan, he is so feeble-minded, that his works certainly don’t warrant being looked at.

17:38:35 [haim] The contemporary artist who has never felt like a charlatan, he is so feeble-minded, that his works certainly don’t warrant being looked at.

17:39:14 [mariusz] Still about charlatanism, Who says the truth, who says the reality ?

17:39:35 [stropdas1] why should it be so that every artist at least once feld like a charlatan.

17:40:25 [haim] reality is a profond subjectiv perception, truth it’s the same

17:41:12 [stropdas1] for me charlatanism is about fraud ?

17:41:56 [antoine] about lie is better no ?

17:43:45 [mariusz] Charlatan he is perhaps somebody who doesn’t pretend, and doesn’t claim to say the truth. He is not either involved in power.

17:45:18 [stropdas1] evreything is the same, nothing is equal//

17:46:56 [mariusz] Jan, are you talking about your camera.

17:48:41 [stropdas1] or how to have it interpretated, both ways can be possible


17:55:52 [haim] I think the definition of evry word that we employed should be looked for in a dictionnary. I think that politic / power / pretentious / megalomania are differents concepts than the intimacy of the artist’s affabulation for himself as well as for the personns are involved passivly in the work

> 15 septembre 2005 de Antoine Beaufort


18:18:25 [mariusz] but anyway I wrote more about conceptual process than about formal solutions

18:18:35 [stropdas1] I thank mariusz for the romeo and juliëtte tought, but how do you people think the collaboration will take place ?

18:19:30 [antoine] Haim, maybe you can tell us about your solo ?

18:19:54 [sisyphe] the wark in the containair idee is a plesure if containair will be no dificultis imagining motd’a in containair but difficultise to imagine the dancing a dance that will make the mariage the 3 space, julyete and her voice will may be gide me to meet the athers ...

18:20:19 [ricardo] Jan could youmove the camera tomorrow to show the containers outside or it’s impossible to move it. I think It ’ll be great to visit the first area of installation and performance.

18:21:36 [stropdas1] that won`t be that easy , need long cables for that

18:22:02 [stropdas1] but I sended some pics yesterday to damien...

18:22:06 visiteur entre dans ce salon

18:23:09 [stropdas1] he should put them on the site ?

18:24:06 [sisyphe] may be i will prepare some formal ideas and then wait for the meet with the others works and then build the dancing part that can be only in my contener or a circular movment in space between 3 that we have to see all 3 of us in the time

18:24:12 [antoine] Haim, can you just give some keys about Mots d’A, it deals with simulation/hiding , that’s it ?

> 14 septembre 2005 de Antoine Beaufort

RESIDENCE DAY 1 (abstract)

18:02:01 [stropdas] goed, dan ga ik wel nederlands lullen... 18:03:07 [mariusz] we are going to Paris then to Dunkerque 18:03:16 [sisyphe] im aahim ayu yoter pshotim ainu yechlim lirhot ehad et a sheni (...) 18:22:53 [mariusz] Do you have an idea about your projects for conteners ? 18:23:50 [stropdas] mariusz> asking who, all of us ? 18:24:12 [mariusz] I could put somme music this nigt. (...) 18:27:28 [haim] im warking on a video sound insteletion triting the different strategie employed befor penetration teroriste or militair or see in send as well as love (...) 18:29:31 [stropdas] I probably do not have so much sound, what kind of sound do you use haim ? 18:32:00 [haim] Im working with humain voic see end waves fire warks bombes stons wood ect 18:32:26 [stropdas] ok, 18:33:16 [haim] im going to put same sounds on the site for tomorrow 18:33:17 [stropdas] Iwill put some images on my or the collaborative blog , so get an impression of what I will use... 18:37:36 [stropdas] mariusz, what are your plans ? 18:38:56 [haim] great so tomorrow we will have same new sherig staf jan what do you prepring 18:41:09 [stropdas] at the moment, collecting stills for video 18:41:16 [mariusz] Perharps I will try to put Romeo in the contener, and I will look for Juliet 18:43:36 [stropdas] I will send you a julliëtte...tonight

RESIDENCE DAY 2 (abstract)

18:10:58 [haim] juliette she is the one to voic over the sound trac of mot da she is saying wards from london radio 1939_1945 (...) 18:27:47 [mariusz] How do you to manage the contener. Do you think to use a sound or objects or images ? (...) 18:30:19 [annnn] what would be nice is to put some content everyday in your own part "Chantier" so that we can follow the residency 18:30:19 [Fred] what do you say haim ? 18:30:29 [stropdas] mariusz> mostly slide projector, and monitor. 18:30:50 [annnn] for your collaborative project you can feed the other blog "espace collaboratif" 18:30:59 [stropdas] but had to solve some mobility problems first 18:31:06 [mariusz] well, god bless the time we will drink a vine together ! 18:31:35 [sisyphe] 4 speekers 1 DR8 2video projection 2 ampli 12-15 screens hanged one bars (...) 18:33:16 [antoine2] I think the best way to collaborate would be a discussion at this time about the documents you have downloaded everyday before this meeting 18:34:59 [stropdas] so what is with the julliëttes for mariusz (...) 18:39:06 [sisyphe] may be ther are more than 1 julyet dreamed in those 3 containers I have one does anybody have the other ? 18:40:42 [antoine2] so technic is OK, maybe we can stop for today, and go back tomorrow with a lot of materials videos, sounds, texts about your 3 propositions, OK ?

> 13 septembre 2005 de Damien Chivialle

PARIS, 17h25

On suit de près le chat quotidien...

> 11 septembre 2005 de Frédérique Helmstetter

Résidence 2005

Pendant la semaine de résidence (du 12 au 16 septembre), les RDV quotidiens de discussion avec les artistes et les équipes sont fixés entre 17h et 18h en anglais !