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ABQ Italie

PAYS : Italie

STRUCTURE : OOFFOURO/N.P.A Officina Ouroboros


MOBILITE : Résidences itinérantes



ADRESSE : via cixerri, 2 - 09032 Assemini – CA - Sardinia

TEL : +39 3395644608






N.P.A Officina Ouroboros is a cultural organisation mainly focused in research project on performance practices in relation with body geography territories and space. Since two years, they have been working on a project called ABQ. The research investigates the concept of zero, regarding its implementation on the creation and application of a methodology for performance. The concept of zero originated in Ancient India. Through a long journey crossing China and Middle East, it arrived in Europe. The objective of the research is to analyze the zero and the frame of historical, conceptual and methodological references it affords.

In encountering of the state of “absence”, N.P.A. Officina OUroboros have been considering the geographic movement of the zero, from two points East to West. They traced an axis taking the opposite route, West to East, searching the origin of the zero in the contemporary India, China and Middle East.
They followed those points :
a) establish a methodology process through a practice of moving, travelling, creating ;
b) an exploration of territories on the contemporary East, as a way of creating openness in which is not directly related to a specific performace piece, but functions rather as an openess to various methods of creating something.
c) navigates and negotiates this condition, through the application of the method, practice ;
d) extends the investigation not only through writing, but rather than giving lectures, creates laboratories of investigation.

>INDIA 2006 >CHINA 2007 >IRAN 2008
Starting from Europe in 2006 they have been to India. In 2007 they have been to China to develop the second part of the project. In 2008 they will move to Iran, in order to conclude the research.