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PAYS : Espagne

STRUCTURE : Platoniq


MOBILITE : Studio mobile


CONTACT : Roc Jimenéz de Cisneros (Coordinateur international / International coordinator)






Platoniq is a group of cultural producers, radio-makers, curators and software developers who from the mix of their computer-technical knowledge and social interests have set up a number of independant community media projects such as Burn Station (Awarded at Transmediale Festival 2006), OpenServer or The Bank of Common Knowledge.

Their main goal is to bring the Internet to the streets, drawing inspiration from diverse networking strategies to develop collective pilot experiences and research in urban contexts.

Burn Station is a copy left music distribution system. It is a GNU/Linux-based client-server system, but above all, it is a strategic project based on diffusion and distribution actions in physical spaces where visitors can browse, listen to and legally burn copyleft music from a wide range of European and South-American net labels. Interesting enough is the fact that Burn Station is an attempt to strategically combine the experience of peer-to-peer networks with the Jamaican sound system culture. (P2P on a Face 2 Face basis). The objective was to put in practice a 100% collaborative system based on three interacting communities : net labels and artists that feed the database, software developers and groups administrating local Burn Stations.

An important lesson learnt from the BURN STATION software development : test, share and further develop software in the streets before publishing it on the net. It is the best and the most rigorous software testing model imaginable. Definitely inspiring…
An interesting thing about this project is that it has been autonomously reproduced in schools, social centres, libraries and universities in Europe and South America, demonstrating its value as an educational tool.