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PAYS : Allemagne

STRUCTURE : Mobile Akadémie


MOBILITE : Plateforme mobile


CONTACT : Hanna Hurtzig (Directrice / Director)


SITE WEB : http://www.mobileacademy-berlin. (...)


La mobile academie de la dramaturge Hannah Hurtzig tourne en Allemagne depuis 1999. Le principe est de mettre face à face spectateurs et experts par le biais de casques d’écoutes. Les spectateurs peuvent poser toutes sortes de questions aux experts. Ils peuvent à loisir zapper les réponses de l’expert. Le projet se pose en réflexion sur la transmission des savoirs dans notre société mobile.



The Mobile Academy (MA) has been on tour for eight years. It continually changes location, time, theme and form : a large-scale Mobile Academy gathered 180 people together for 4 weeks for a temporally limited international imagined community (Bochum 1999/Berlin 2004), while the smallest version brought together two people - the artist and the client - for private lessons lasting one hour at public places in the city. For knowledge transfer, it can assume the character of a camp, an installation, a blind date or a marketplace.

The courses at the Warsaw MA (2006) were attended by 100 participants and lecturers as well as a further 100 artists, theoreticians and experts for talks, excursions and private lessons. The slogan of the MA : "Constant intensity accompanied by growing doubt" indicates a wish for happy self-dissolving while simultaneously marking the learning strategy for participants :

The courses at the MA are structured as artistic projects, accompanied by field research, debate, excursions and presentations. The techniques are taught, no possessors of know-how are selected - instead, new conceptual approaches and discourses, contemporary working strategies and artistic practices by international artists and theoreticians are presented. Every MA watches, gathers and produces for one theme, resulting in a living archive that can be performed in brief at a location and then scattered together with the participants across all countries.