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THE LIFT Royaume-Uni

PAYS : Royaume-Uni



MOBILITE : Chapiteau

SECTEUR ARTISTIQUE : Pluridisciplinaire

CONTACT : Angharad Wynne-Jones (Directrice / Director)

ADRESSE : 19/20 Great Sutton Street - LONDON EC1V 0DR

TEL : T +44 (0)20 7490 3964 / F +44 (0)20 7490 3976




Lift, previously London International Festival of Theatre, has a 25 year history of presenting innovative theatre from around the world to London audiences, often in unconventional spaces.
Seven years on from LIFT 01, Lift Festival 2008 launches a new collaborative festival model and a visionary mobile meeting place.
In Stratford, East London (12-21 June) and at the Southbank Centre (26 June-6 July) Lift re-introduces itself to London with Lift Festival 2008 created with a team of International Associates - artists and producers from the UK and around the world - and with diverse community groups from East London. 

Creating a festival that is about more than art, Lift’s collaborative model allows festival attendees to become more than an audience - they become participants. To make this possible Lift has worked with its International Associates and London network, along with architects AOC, to create a mobile meeting place and a parliamentary festival hub, called The Lift.

The Lift, a mobile meeting place
The Lift is an extraordinary mobile arts venue. Four storeys high - the height of three double decker buses – it is an awe-inspiring structure, in itself a piece of public art. It is the result of a two year design process involving architects AOC, who have worked with Lift and 200 east and south-east Londoners to develop their initial designs. The trapezoid shaped venue is covered with a translucent colourful skin that when illuminated, becomes a giant beacon that can be seen from miles away. It is a theatre, a concert hall, an open air stage, an interactive billboard, a cinema, an exhibition and a public meeting space all in one.